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Best Onion Chopper – Affordable Devices for Non-Teary

The secret to any delicious cuisines is in the ingredients used and how well they are prepared. Of course, you ought to follow the recipe and slice, crush and chop the ingredients with perfection. Onion cannot miss, yet it is the most challenging to cut. Using a knife makes matters worse as you may end up slicing your fingers, leave alone the eyes that will be left teary.

Even if you can withstand all that, the work is tedious, more so if you have to do it frequently or chop many at a go. Worry not as the onion choppers have hit the market, and they for sure make the work easier. Instead of freaking out when you think of chopping the onions, you will always long for that time.

The secret is getting a well-built device that is safe to use by everyone in the house, both young and old. Choppers that can be adjusted are also the best so that you can slice required onion sizes based on the meals you are preparing. Note that the onion slicers come in different sizes and shapes. Some of these devices are mechanical, while others are electric. What is more important is that the tools are meant to make your work easier and enjoyable.

Besides, the chopper can be used with a variety of different vegetables such as cucumber, carrots fruits such as apples and mangoes. Therefore, you ought to select the perfect product that will serve you for a long time. Luckily, you do not need to worry as we are here to help you get the top-rated onion choppers that have withstood the taste of time. Read through for all the necessary information to make a well-informed decision.

What to Look for in Onion Choppers-Buyer’s Guide

There are specific features you ought to think about while selecting and before making any purchase of an onion chopper.The top features are related to the functionality of the chopper, types, and sizes of blades, sizes of containers, and the ability to customize your slicer based on your requirements.These are explained below to help you in pinpointing one based on your needs and preferences.

Manual vs. Electric Chopper

Onion choppers are mainly manually or electrically operated. Below are pros and cons in using either of them:

Manual types

Most manual choppers come in two different designs. You either have to swing the arm across a platform containing the blades or push the edge over the onion using a hand crank to perform the chopping. Manual is generally cheaper and would get the work done. However, you will use a lot of energy compared to the electric types.

Electric types

Interestingly, while using electric onion choppers, you just need a power supply, thus making it easier to operate with minimum effort required. Safety is also guaranteed while using it because it makes sure that your hands are nowhere near the blades, thus reducing any chances of harming yourself.

Ease of cleaning and general maintenance

Washing an onion chopper can be a hectic task sometimes because it contains blades that can hurt your hands. In some instances, the slicer can be disassembled, cleaned, dried, and reassembled, and it will take a lot of time to complete other chores. Fortunately, there aredishwasher-safechoppers, blades, and bowlsthat are easy to clean and saves time.

It’s advisable to go for products that are easy to remove the parts and putting them back. In this case, even handwashing would be done with ease. 

Number and type of blades

Did you know that a multifunctional chopper can make your life a lot easier? This is made possible for you in that choppers come with a variety of blades that can produce large dices, small dices, coarse chopping, and fine chopping. For sure, it all depends on the number of edges inside your chopper.

Each blade has its use, for instance, a slicer will help you slice the vegetables, the dicer will help in dicing, and finally, the chopper helps in chopping coarse, medium or fine chops of onions. The combination is just perfect, making tiredness a thing of the past.

Choosing stainless steel blades is the best choice you can ever make as they are rust-resistant. Thus, you are assured that no rust component will be found on your delicious meal while ensuring the device serve you for a long time.

The volume of the container

The volume of the container that is suitable varies depending on the number of vegetables you prepare daily. It also varies depending on whether you are cooking vegetables for a small family or a large gathering. However, if the number of people differs daily, then you are advised to choose a chopper that comes without a container so that you can select one of your choices separately.

Specialized Vs.fully loaded

Some products are meant to fulfil your minimum requirements, while others are multifunctional and perform a variety of tasks. In this, you can choose the onion chopper of a specific color matching the color of your countertops or cabinets.

Quality and value is also an important aspect to consider before purchasing a vegetable chopper. Besides, the chopper should also give you the best value and perform all the tasks. Also, it should be able to cut down on your vegetable chopping, dicing, and granting time rather than increasing and becoming a problem for you.


The warranty of a product is an important aspect to consider before making any purchase. With the warranty, you have confidence in case of out of the box damages or does not meet your expectation you can be taken care of.  Some have a money-back guarantee, which is a plus when you are not content about the size, color, or the product in general.

It’s also important to consider the accessibility of the spare parts of kitchen choppers so that you can purchase them directly in case you need some replacement.


You don’t need to worry about the safety of these devices as the blades are well concealed. There is thus no risk of cuts and nicks while working with them. Besides, the material of make is harmless to use.


It is important to consider the build quality of an onion chopper to ensure it is going to last for a long time before it starts deteriorating. Good quality plastic and stainless steel are the standards to look for,as they do not wear out easily.

Top 7 Onion Choppers in 2020 (Best Picks)

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Onion Choppers

Best Onion Choppers Review

You would go to any extent in finding a solution in putting an end to getting your hands sticky or your eyes wet if you use a vegetable chopper. Here we have provided the best onion choppers that will save you from any stress whatsoever.

1. Ninja Food Chopper Espresso chop with 200-watt

This kitchen device is among the best in the market,with most customers attesting to its ease of use, durability, and perfect slicing. It has a 200 power pod meaning that it is very fast and convenient to use. The deviceis thus time-saving as it effortlessly minces, chop, and ring and blend a variety of ingredients for easy dish preparations. Your work of chopping onions will be done easily and with joy.

It’s ergonomic designed powerhead further makes it easyand comfortable to handle. In addition to this, it has a non-slip base and splashguard on the chopper bowl, thus keeping things steady and clean. The storage lid gives and added convenienceto keep your food fresh until it is needed for use. Moreso, its removable parts are dishwasher safe for stress-free cleaning.


  • No-slip base
  • Storage lid
  • Ergonomically designed head power
  • Easy to use
  • Super blending power


  • Some complain that it’s only great for medium-sized chopping and not for specific amounts

Check key specs for Ninja Food Chopper Express Chop:

Colour Grey
Item weight 2pounds
Product dimensions 5.75×5.75×10.13 inches
Capacity 16 ounces

2. The Original Vidalia Chopper Wizard

Are you in dire need of a fast and safe onion chopping device? Your search is over as the Original Vidalia does exactly that with superior features all in one slicer. It is efficient as it gets a whole onion turned into beautiful rings or diced pieces all in few seconds. Surprisingly, there won’t be any juice squeezed out; it’s like a fresh cut made on the onion’s surface.

Washing is also stress-free as the device is dishwasher safe. After using the plastic chopper, you just put in a dishwasher without the need to disassemble. Furthermore, the slicer has interchangeable blades meaning that you can ideally have two cups of diced or chopped onion at a go.Besides, it comes with a free dicer blade making the job easier with just a single swift motion.


  • The chopper has interchangeable blades
  • Free dicer blade available with the package
  • Safe to use and dishwasher friendly
  • Durable stainless steel blade


  • Some complain it breaks easily

Check key specks for The Original Vidalia Chopper Wizard:

Colour Green
Item weight 1.45 pounds
Product dimensions 11.25×10.5×11.87 inches
Material Plastic

3. FullstarVegetable Chopper With Container

Do you want a device that can work for you, interchangeably?This chopper offers youa solution. It helps you to chop not only your onions but other kinds of vegetablesas well. The four interchangeable blades make slicing a breeze.

The device also has a storage container that holds the cut onions,thus avoiding the mess of using a knife and a chopping board. The chopped food can stay inside until you are ready to begin cooking, and therefore, there is no need for a separate container for transferring the ingredients.

Your safety concern is also put to rest as the device has a soft-grip handle rubberized to enhance leverage while the non-skid base ensures that the slicer is stable during use. Construction of the chopper is not put to chance as it comes with rust-resistant stainless steel blades that retain razor sharpness and last longer. As a result, slicing, dicing, chopping, and cutting of the vegetables and fruits are done with ease. Never worry about the dirt in the device as you will only have to disassemble easily and put in a dishwasher.


  • Has four interchangeable blades
  • It is compact
  • Rust resistant
  • Soft grip handle
  • Requires no electricity
  • Dishwasher safe


  • Some people complain it is not sturdy

Check key specs for Fullstar Vegetable chopper:

Item weight 2.01 pounds
Product dimensions 10.63×4.48×4.72 inches
Colour Black

4. BrieftonsManual Food Chopper

No products found.

Do you wish to have a well designed and perfect chopping device that does the work perfectly?Worry not as the Brieftons chopper is a very simple to use the device with sharp stainless steel blades that chop and blend ingredients in seconds. Though it featuresa classic design with manual spinning blades, the chopper is easy to take apart and just as easy to clean.

Your vegetables will also be taken care of as the food chopper is powerful and versatile. You only need to cut them into smaller pieces and then put in for perfect slicing. There is little to nothing complaints about this device as its blades are sharp and more so it is easy to use and wash. In addition, it has a comfortable soft-grip lid, anti-skid base, easy pull cord, and a large handle that makes your work effective.

The device is also compact and safe to use, especially for small kitchens, RVs, travel, and camping. More so, the blades are all concealed during use for utmost safety. Buy Brieftons manual chopper and forget about the noise and failed operation that is experienced when using the electric types. The device operates quieter and less messy.


  • Compact and safe to use
  • Convenient, quieter and less messy
  • Powerful and versatile
  • Designed for a perfect chopping
  • Easy to clean


  • Blades cannot be replaced

Check key specs for Brieftons Manual Food Chopper:

Colour White
Product dimensions 5.12×5.12×3.94 inches
Item weight 6.7 ounces

5.Fullstar Vegetable Chopper Dicer Mandolin Slicer

Are you wondering about your safety and that of your family? Worry not because FullstarMandoline slicer comes with a finger guard and a protective groove that keeps you safe when using a spiral slicer and a blade organizer. The use of this device is an assurance of neatness in your cooking area. There is no mess whatsoever witha non-slip base that keeps the chopper in place for stress-free onion chopping.

Furthermore, after all the slicing and chopping is done, you just put the device in a dishwasher for stress-free cleaning. Functionality is also a top priority as this device is multifunctional and can chop and slice basically all the ingredients in your kitchen. It is easy to change the 11 insertsand different sized blades to achieve the perfect desired chops.  Italso has a bonus handheld peeler, juicer, egg separation, and slicer that help you to ease your work when cooking.


  • Multifunctional
  • Safe for use
  • Convenient
  • Easy to store and use
  • Dishwasher safe


  • The blade may break if the device is not used with care

Check key specs for FullstarMandolinevegetable chopper:

Item weight 4.04 pounds
Product dimensions 10.8×5.4×9.6 inches
Colour Black

6.BrieftonsQuick PushFood Chopper

This is a well-designed chopping device that works well in chopping onions, cheese, fruits, and vegetables. It cuts consistent and uniform dices of yourfavorite ingredients in seconds. Furthermore, the food chopper assures of no messes as the device has an inbuilt container that collects all the chopped food.

The capacity is also incredible as it can hold up to 1.8 litres of prepared vegetables. This thus doubles the convenience of its use as there is no need for frequent transfer of chopped onions to a separate container. This assures you of more work that can be done in one go. Besides, it can conveniently store all prepared vegetables in the container until you are ready to cook.


  • Designed for a perfect chopping
  • Double container capacity
  • Conveniently store diced onions
  • It is quick
  • Have stainless blades


  • Can result in damage if used on hard skin and roots

Check key specs for BrieftonsQuickPush Food Chopper:

Product dimensions 10.83×5.12×5.31 inches
Item weight 1.61 pounds
Colour White/green

7. Kuhn Rikon Chop,2Cup Food Chopper

No products found.

If you quickly want your onions chopped in the sizes of your preferences, then KunhRikon Chopper is the perfect option. It chops medium and fine onions besides its ability to make healthy soups, purees dips, sauces, and salsa in seconds. With a fewpulls, your work will be done, therefore, saving you time for preparations of dishes.

Besides that, it has a non-slip base, thus ensuring your safety when using the device with no mess left around.Since the device is dishwasher safe, there is no worry about cleaning. You only need to wash the lid by hand and leave the rest to your dishwasher machine. There is no need to ever sharpening the blades as they are made of rust-free stainless steel that retains razor sharpness longer.


  • Non-slip base
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Easy to clean
  • Quickly and easily handle chopping
  • Versatile


  • The plastic material may easily get damaged
Colour Green
Item weight 14.1 ounces
Product dimensions 5.5×5.25×4.25 inches
Material Plastic


Q: How do you use an onion chopper?

Chopping the onions using the chopping device is an easy task that does not require special training.  The best thing is to read the instructions manual guide to ensure the safety and durability of the product.

However, youcan follow the general steps highlighted below:

  • You first take an onion and remove its root node
  • Remove the shoot node and all the upper dead skin
  • Wash it thoroughly under regular water
  • Take the onion chopper, and by cutting the onion in two places, place one piece on the metallic frame.
  • Finally, close the upper cover of the chopper, and with a little push, you will chop the onion.

Q: Can you save an onion after you cut it?

Yes, of course, you can. You just seal them evenly in an airtight bag or carrier, so they don’t leave any smell in the refrigerator and certainly keep them fresh for long.

Q:How do you blend onions?

It is obvious that by using the choppers, onions can be blended in a blender without any hassle. You just need to cut them out into small pieces using a chopper,so they don’t get stuck in the blade and then add a mouthful of water to blend out evenly without any dryness. Switch on the blender, and they will result in a refined, blended form.

Q:Should you refrigerate onions after cutting.

Yes, onions can be refrigerated to extend their life.However, this is not necessary in most cases because most people like them freshly cut.

Q: How do you cut an onion for fajitas?

There is no hustle in cutting onions for fajitas. You only need to cut and peel the onion into two separate halves and lay one half of the onion on the cutting board. Then trim off the stem and root end, slightly turn it to the other way to make radial cuts.

Final word

Helpful and practical, onion choppers are certainly one of the necessary tools you should have in the kitchen. Forget about the traditional knives and embrace the newest chopping techniques. With an onion slicer, you can cut various types of veggies besides onion too.

The best onion chopper will solve all your chopping, blending, slicing, and grating needs. However, when choosing one, you need to understand your requirements before making a decision. Look at the crucial features highlighted under the buyer’s guide to filter the options and emerge with one that meets your chopping needs.

Nevertheless, we reliably recommend all the products evaluated above in terms of high-quality and premium outcomes. So, choose any and forever forget about teary eyes and the freaks of cutting the onions!

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