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Best Shelf Liner – Top Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

Are you unsure of how to safeguard your shelves from scratches and cracks scratches? We have the answer for you. The use of shelf liner can help you preserve your furniture, without having to replace them.

The top shelf liners offer the ultimate experience for people who love beautiful home cabinet as well as office shelving. It does this by providing the shelves with clean furniture and looks stunning on homes. Cleaning is also easier because wiping down cabinets is not required the use of a specific cleaner.

If you are looking to move your style and improve the appearance the cabinets you have, then the liner will work great on furniture without a hitch. Drawer liner liners will aid you in avoiding frequent purchases or wear out your shelves since they are believed to prolong the life of cabinet. They shield your cabinets from water and thus avoiding the risk of getting and oil staining.

Imagine securing your costly cabinets from view by guests due to the fact that you did not to buy a liner that would allow the cabinets to look stunning. This is no longer necessary because the right covers are easily available and inexpensive and come with the highest quality materials that can allow you to escape the guilt of having to hide your cabinets.

The great thing about lines is that you don’t need to shell out a large amount of dollars. They are a product that will prolong the life of your investments , such as cabinets or appliances, as well as other things that are fragile. They come from the top and most affordable products we have reviewed. In addition, they reduce the sound that can be heard in the drawers. Additionally, the drawers aren’t scrubbing against the bottom of the drawers as they are taken out and put back to their respective places.

If you’re interested in the idea that you can add a little fashion or color within your cabinets, shelf liner can give your cabinets the extra boost you need. They come in a variety of shades that will suit any taste and can be mixed for more enjoyment. The designs vary according to the kind of shelves you have and your individual preferences. Pick a fun design from these reviewed and you’ll be smiling every time you walk by your shelves.

Here are the top shelfliners and buyer’s guides for you to use.

What to Consider Before Buying a Shelf Liner

There are several important factors to be aware of before choosing the liner that will work best for your needs. Here are the essentials to help you make an informed choice.

Adhesive in contrast to. Non-adhesive

Are you searching for the most secure grip and self-adhesive variety? If so, then opt for the non-slip model for better adhesion.

Adhesive shelf liners come with a sticky bottom which bonds them to the surface it is placed. it might not be difficult to move them once they are applied. Hence they are durable adhesion capabilities. If you decide to use this type of liner, it is important to be sure that the surfaces that you put them on aren’t susceptible to damage from adhesive.

Non-adhesive liner are simple to take off and then reposition. They leave no leftovers, and cabinets that has a bottom design with a grip could be ideal for that issue.

Liner texture

Texture of product is a different aspect. Some are silky with a plastic surface, whereas others are soft and composed of synthetic materials.

If you’re concerned about the damages to one of your belongings, be assured that the soft liners can offer solutions for items like glasses or dishes that are more susceptible to scratches. In addition to other items, such as cushions, the gripping effect that they provide can’t be beat.

Shelf type that is lined

There are two kinds of shelves two types of shelves: wire shelves and hard shelves.

The shelves that are wired require more durable lines to keep them from sinking into the wire gauges, however the hard shelf can work with both materials. When you’re lining areas with moisture, such as bathrooms and refrigerators it is necessary to choose a liner that is able to absorb moisture, and is also easy to clean in order to maintain the cleanliness of your surroundings.


Are you in search of an easy transparent material that has the focus on practicality? Liner options are available in various designs that meet the requirements of anyone seeking a solution for their shelves.

The diverse designs are designed to add beauty to your kitchen cabinets and other items, as well as protect them from damage. The colors and patterns they come in can match your current decor. If you feel they could be confusing you regarding what cabinets to decorate the most, then this isn’t required since the simple patterns can give you the universal match.


Are you thinking of washing the liner of your drawer for maintenance? What methods do you plan to use?

Cleaning these liners is most simple task to complete since they are placed in an area that is floor-like, which ensures that there’s no accumulation of microbes that could cause harm to your health. The methods for cleaning are different, but one could wash the liners either by hand or using the aid of a machine. The water-proof liners can cleaned using the help of a soft cloth.


If you want your shelving liner to last a long time it is important to pay close focus on the materials employed to make your construction.Most are made from polyester or plastic. Each fabric comes with its pros and cons which are listed below:

They are waterproof and simple to clean with soapy water. However they might not be suitable for certain situations, even though they are bendable.

The polyester options are resistant to creases, while the ribbed ones provide better airflow and cushioning for items placed on shelves.

The longevity of the liner is an crucial aspect to take in consideration, particularly in the case of a smaller budget for replacement.

Space and size

The dimensions of the liner and capabilities to move them should be the top concern for the purchasers. The shelves made of wood and metal can be prone to objects sliding and lines that are not gripped could be able to move. Consider if you can get larger sizes that are well-covered so that the likelihood of sliding is less. The size of your shelve will determine the proper measurements of the liner.


Your budget plays an important factor of the item you buy. If you are looking for liners of higher quality that last, they can cost quite a bit. It is crucial to think about the cost and affordability of the covers for the shelves when choosing to buy or replace them.

Top 7 Shelf Liners In 2020

Need to get your work done? Look at the most popular top Shelf Liners on Amazon. Check the product’s link, the information and the price.

1Duck Smooth Top EasyLiner, 12-inch x 20 Feet, WhiteCheck Latest Price
2Duck Brand Select Grip EasyLiner Shelf and Drawer Liner, Non-Adhesive, 12-Inch x 20-Feet ,…Check Latest Price3Shelf Liner, Non Adhesive Cabinet Liner, Double Sided Non-Slip Drawer Liner 12 Inches x 20 FT…Check Latest Price4Smart Design Shelf Liner Classic Grip – (12 Inch x 10 Feet) – Drawer Cabinet Non Adhesive Protection…Check Latest Price5Gorilla Grip Original Drawer Liner and Shelf Liner Non-adhesive roll 12 inches x 20 feet Robust And…Check Latest Price6Gorilla Grip Ribbed Top Drawer as well as Shelf Liner Non-adhesive Roll, 17.5 Inch x 20 FT, durable as well…Check Latest Price7Duck Smooth Top EasyLiner, 12-inch x 10 Feet, x 6 Rolls, WhiteCheck Latest Price

Review of Best Shelf Liners to Use

In order to find the ideal liner for your shelf, there is a need for you to learn the features of it first. Below we’ve discussed a few items that are well for your needs. Explore them and pick one according to your needs and preferences.

1. Gorilla Grip Original Shelf & Drawer Liner

Gorilla grip liner features an extremely durable grip made of top quality materials that aid in reducing the chance of sliding and bunching up in drawers. Additionally it’s extremely useful because it shields cabinet doors from build-up of dirt that is not needed.

There is no need to worry about how to clean them because, using gentle soap, and moist cloth, you can be sure of a stunning new look of your liner.

The safety of your shelves is also ensured. The drawer liner will prevent all the objects from scratching the interior of the cabinets. In addition, its firm grip ensures that dishware stays in place and keeps your shelves tidy and tidy.

Open weave construction lets for the liner in your drawer to breath and your shelf and cabinet remain free of damage and debris.


  • Strong grip
  • Drawer protection
  • Versatile applications
  • Installation is simple


  • Not recommended for lacquered stone, acrylic or stone surfaces.

Check the specks of Gorilla Grip Original Liner:

The weight of the item1.01 pound
Product dimensions12.2 inches x 5.08 4.08 4.8 inches
WarrantyTen years

2. Duck select grip Easy 12-Inch x 20-Feet,1344559

Duck Select Duck Select has a firm and grippy bottom, which keeps it in position, along with any objects that you place on. It is guaranteed that there’s no gum left on your cabinet in the event that you have to replace the cabinet.

In addition, you’re provided with a range of colors to pick from. So, you can choose to select one that will suit you best, which makes the process of decorating easy. UsingDuck liner, you are assured of the highest level of protection against scratches on your cabinets or drawers.

Furthermore, you can be sure of the safety of even the most delicate objects. Liners are also ideal to use in RVs. It is also guaranteed to maintain its hygiene since it is machine washable and simple to cut and install, replace and then reposition with ease.

The liner has also been constructed in a manner that is easy to match the style that your residence. This is due to its simple that is consistent, uniform, and consistent design.


  • The bottom grip keeps it from sliding
  • A variety of colors to pick from
  • Uniform pattern
  • It provides cushion to protect against the elements.
  • Machine washes easily


  • You will need to purchase adhesive if you require it to be able to hold it in place.

Examine the specs of Duck Select Grip Easy Non-Adhesive model:

Size12 inches x 4.63 inches 4.63 feet
Item Weight15 pounds

3. Seville Classics 2 individuals Smoke Gray Liner fitted

This liner is designed to ensure that your items are protected in the lower shelves from becoming dusty. The cover is removed with ease and the wiping process is amazing. It doesn’t require any special abilities as you only require water and soap to make it sparkling.

For storing your things like automobile keys, electronic components hand tools, other items that could easily lose, you simply need a flat surface to keep them organized, and this shelf liner can provide the possibility of having that. Additionally it can be used to organize the storage of books, documents as well as picture frames.

If you’re concerned about the damage that might be caused during the time of usage, you should know that this product is covered by an one-year guarantee that will ensure you the security you need when buying.


  • It is designed to provide an even platform for storage of objects
  • Waterproof, making it easy to clean
  • It’s strong and adaptable to the NSF certified Seville traditional steel shelving
  • Easy to take off


  • A complaint about a design that is not appealing.

Check the specs of keys Seville Classics 2 individuals Smoke WEB273 liner

Product dimensions18 x 18 x0.02 inches
The weight of the item6.4 grams
WarrantyI was in the year

4. Sterling Liners for Wire Shelf Set Of 4 (18-Inch-by-36-Inch)

The shelf liners are designed to give you the best quality. They are functional and add elegance to the cabinet because they are fun, translucent colors that let you bring some colour to your house.More importantly, it provides shelves made of wire the advantages of a flat surface that the objects stored won’t be able to grip off.

If you’re wondering about their credibility be aware that they are waterproof and easily cleaned and can be customized to perfectly fit around poles of the wire shelf.


  • Un-paralleled thicker , more durable quality
  • A perfect fit, custom-tailored to fit the majority of wire shelves
  • Quality and thickness are better.
  • Polypropylene 30 gauge heavy-duty polypropylene
  • Water-proof


  • Some people complain that they’re a bit loose

Check key specs for SL0646-SL0669-18×36-Graphite:

Product dimensions18x36x1 inches
The weight of the item1 pound

5. Sterling Value Pack 5 SYNCHKG111904liners that can be used for wire shelves

It is a wonderful shelf liner manufactured from the USA and sets the standard for the field. The brand is designed to give you the best durability, quality and much more. It adds beauty to your cabinets as well as the surrounding space.

The flat surface is stunning when gripped properly. The items stored are safe from the risk of falling over in the event there are any mishaps within the cabinets.

The liners are simple to keep clean since they are waterproof which makes it easy to clean. Furthermore, they’re designed to be custom-made, fitting with the shelf poles made of wire precisely. They are also beautiful in color that make your space look stylish.


  • 5 pieces in a pack.
  • Custom-tailored fit to ensure a perfect fit
  • Polypropylene with a heavy-duty, 30 gauge gauge
  • Water-proof
  • Easy to wash


  • People complain that they aren’t enough

Find out the main specifications of the Sterling Value Pack 5 SYNCHKG111904

Product dimensions23.3×13.1×0.3 inches
The weight of the item1.85 pounds

6. Drymate USMC2429 under the sink mat, 24″x29″ in gray

Do you want to own a name that can assure that your cabinet is protected? If so, Drymate Liners will be a good choice for you. These liners protect your cabinets from water the elements of moisture and cleaning product spills and leaks, making them they are water-proof. The mat can be cut to fit into the shelves since they are 24” by 29 inch in dimension.

It is also not necessary to spend a lot of money on new liner as Drymate Drymate is extremely durable and long-lasting. They’re also extremely lightweight and ideal to be used in any cabinet as well as drawers.

When it comes to maintenance and washing it is easy to clean, and much more than that, it’s machine washable. If you buy this mat, you maintain your excellent hygiene and protect the environment because they are made of recycled fiber from the USA.


  • Absorbent fabric
  • Durable
  • Recycled from fibers
  • Easy to wash
  • Can be cut to suit the cabinet intended for the job.


  • A few complaints about its inadequate packaging

Verify the specifications of the keys for Drymate USMC2429:

Product dimensions29x24x0.13 inches
The weight of the item7 pounds
Fabric typePolyester

7.Con-tact clear cover self-Adhesive semi-transparent liner

Are you thinking about what you should put for your windows and doors covering , as well as on your shelves? This liner gives you some privacy for windows and lets some light into the space. Furthermore, it’s perfect for glass kitchen cabinets or any other glass etched decoration. It will allow you to keep heat in through winter, and keep it from escaping throughout the summer months.

To provide protection to the things within your home This brand is the best for your home. It shields countertops bookshelf covers, cabinets and doors against scratches. They are ideal as they work well on clean and straight surfaces.

The material is not a problem for washing since it is easy to be cleaned. It can also be used for creative projects like decorations for parties, sketching and even making snowflakes, allowing creativity to flow.


  • It provides privacy and decor
  • Protects home furnishings
  • Useful to create decorations
  • Generously-sized rolls
  • Easy to wash
  • Find good patterns that fit your preferences
  • They are of top quality


  • Some people complain that it’s too difficult to use.

Verify the specifications of keys for contact 20F-C9AC12-06

Product dimension240x18x0.06 inches
The weight of the item1 pound


Q What are the advantages of purchasing shelves with liners?

There is no need to fret about these liners since they’re readily available and cheap and made from durable materials. They feature a beautiful design that is compatible with the drawers and cabinets. They can also make cuts to accommodate easily on your shelves

In addition the fact that it is easy to clean, thereby keeping good hygiene. The fabric is also made to be decorative and add the privacy you need for your cabinets.

The fabric is water-proof , decreasing the chance of leaks and spills of oil in your cabinets

What can I tell if the shelf liner is in good condition?

The security of any shelf liner is an essential to take into consideration because they will be in direct contact with your kitchen appliances in all times. The materials used for the production must be of high-quality and the liners are designed to fit into the cabinets to ensure that your belongings are safe from wear and scratches. This will reduce frequent damages to drawers and cabinets.

Q What is the best frequency to replace the liners inside my cabinets?

It is essential to make sure you keep your cabinets spotless. The timing for changing your liners will depend on use and the degree of dirt they’ve become. Cabinet liners need not be replaced frequently as the majority of them are made to last due to the various materials employed. Change is a possibility when one wants to alter their style and colors that their cabinets liner perhaps to match the theme of their home.

Q Do I have the ability to remove shelves with adhesive liners?

It is your choice to apply adhesive lines wherever you need to be. This is because in the event that you require them to be removed there is a guarantee that you will not have any issues when doing it. The reason is that most companies offer shelf liner that are easily removed without leaving behind any residue. Furthermore, if the drawer gets damaged or worn-out the only thing you have to do is wash it with a clean cloth and hot water, or use a blow-dryer since this helps loosen the adhesion, making it easier to get rid of the liner from your drawer.

Q: Can I use liners for refrigerators?

Are you concerned about the security that your appliances are in? Don’t worry because there are specific cabinet liner available for refrigerators. Actually, these liners are weatherproof and resistant to mold, so they’re ideal for refrigerators. Are you worried about the look of liming your home? This is the solution for you since they are available in various colors and are great for organizing food items.

How to Install EasyLiner

Final Word

While it may appear as if a shelf liner is tiny or an element that is not much of a contribution to the kitchen’s function It’s an enormous impact on the safety of your countertops and cabinets in your kitchen.

It is possible to compromise certain elements however ultimately, the functionality is more important than anything else. Make sure that you select the ideal shelf liner that lasts for many time in your bathroom or kitchen.

Selecting the most effective should be easy since we’ve given you a buyer’s guide and selected only the most highly rated and sturdy liners.Just select one based on your preferences and needs. Then enjoy your shelves as they’re well-protected.