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Broken Heating Element In Oven – Is It Dangerous To Run It?

If you have an oven, it’s an absolute guarantee that its heating element will fail at some point. The question is whether it is safe to run it in this manner. It is risky when you operate an oven that is damaged by a heating element. If the heating element has been damaged it is not recommended to make use of it.

Why Should We Not Use An Oven With A Broken Heating Element?

Heating elements are just an electrical wire with an insulating cover as well as an outer metal shell. If the outer cover has been removed in some way it could easily turn into dangerous. If water is in contact with the wire, it may be electrocuted by anyone who touches it in unintended ways while it is being powered.

If the part has cracked and bent toward the walls of your oven, don’t use it. A damaged element could cause sparks between it and the oven’s walls. The spark can blow fuse circuit breakers and cause them to trip. If the bottom of the oven is damaged, you can rest assured that it won’t function properly.

Ovens typically rely on convection of air. However, hot air rises and the only source of heat is broiler elements. Therefore, the interior that of your oven could be at an different temperatures. This means that food items’ tops are likely to burn, while the food below will remain cold. Foods will not be cooked in a proper manner and could result in sickness or, more serious food poisoning.

Why Do Oven Heating Elements Break?

There are many possible reasons for why an oven could fail. Let us go over some of them.

1. Bake and broil elements are able to successfully withstand temperatures up to a certain point. However, just like everything else it will become brittle over time and even break.

2. If the current flows across the part, it is able to perform as expected. However, if there are blisters or cracks on the element, it’s near to breaking. If the element is broken it is unable to flow current through it. The element then stops heating.

3. A few elements could also crack physically. If the user is negligent or fails to manage it properly then it could break.

How To Tell If An Oven’s Heating Element Is Broken?

Let’s face it, the oven’s heating element isn’t going to last for a long time. The average oven’s heating component can last for years when it is handled correctly. If the heating element in the oven is damaged, the oven will be just as good as a teapot with chocolate. If your oven isn’t functioning well or stopped functioning completely, the issue may be due to a malfunctioning element. The question is how do you determine which element is the cause of the problem. Here are some methods to recognize a damaged element.

1. The heating element in your oven will be orange once it has reached its maximum temperature. In about 10 minutes the temperature should be around 350 degrees. It’s a sign the system is working correctly. If it’s not glowing orange, it is something wrong with the component. It means that the element has burned out and requires a replacement.

2. If the part has burns or cracks or blisters on it, it’s going to need to be removed. Take it off to get an in-depth look.

3. If your food remains raw even after being cooked it may be due to a malfunctioning heating element. It could also be your temperature probe isn’t functioning properly and requires a replacement.

4. A sudden rise in your electricity bills may be a red alert. It could be because of an issue with the gasket on your door. However, it can also be because of an unintentionally damaged heating element. The heating element may be at its end and may overheat and underheat. But, an unexpected increase in your electric bill could be due to any thing that is powered by electricity. Therefore, make sure to contact the electrician, or stove repair service to clarify your concerns.

How To Replace The Broken Element In An Oven?

If the heating element is damaged the component itself can’t be fixed. However, it is possible to replace it with a brand new one. The replacement of the damaged heating element isn’t too difficult. To ensure that it’s the heating element which is causing the problem then you must conduct an x-ray test. If it is you need to go to the shop and purchase an entirely new element. Once you have purchased a new component then shut off the breaker. Take the screws off and pull the element forward. Remove the wires, and reconnect them with the heating unit. Then , you can mount the breaker exactly as it was the previous.

Which Heating Element Should I Buy?

There are many of heating elements in the market, it is important to be aware of which one to purchase. There are three of them: Bake Element GE WB44K10005, Frigidaire Range Baking Element 316075103, and PRYSM Bake Element 316075104. Let us now look at these in a light of comparison.

Bake Element GE WB44K10005Frigidaire Range Baking Element 316075103PRYSM Bake Element 316075104
The GE WB44K10005 is compatible with all ovens, regardless of the manufacturer. It is easy to set up.Frigidaire Baking Element 316075103 is best when used with Frigidaire, Kenmore, Tappan and Crosley. It comes with two wires and two screws, making the process of installation quite simple.It is also compatible with nearly all of the top brands. Additionally, it’s super easy to set up.
It is available for purchase at the price of $22.41The cheapest element of the three. It’s priced between $17-18.PRYSM can cost around $23
Despite its excellent performance, it will not last for very long.It’s not plagued by major problems. It’s also able to last for quite a long time and performs extremely effectively.While it is more durable than the average GE component, the element occasionally is affected by unbalanced heating.

In the above analysis we can see the advantages and disadvantages of different elements. If you are looking for an affordable element that doesn’t compromise on the quality or efficiency, Frigidaire is your ideal choice.

What Is The Cost Of Replacing The Heating Element In An Oven?

The repair work needed to fix the electric oven is generally less than that of a gas oven. The technicians typically have to fix the part that is damaged in order to finish the job. If the heating element that is defective is the cause of the problems, it is recommended to replace it. Heating elements are typically priced between $20 and $25. With the labor cost included for repair, you could spend around $220 to replace the broken element.

Bottom Line

If your oven’s heating element is damaged, end the use of it immediately. Don’t be afraid to visit the shop and purchase a new one immediately. An element that is damaged can be dangerous and even fatal when left in that state. Do not put yourself or your family members in danger when you use an oven that has an unusable element. Take responsibility and replace the damaged part by a brand new one.